The discrete ghostwriter assignment: That’s how it works

Customers who hire ghostwriters are often concerned with deadline and performance stress. Often there is a lack of nerves to deal with the various offers of reputable and less reputable suppliers on the market – this can be not only expensive, but also annoying.


Even if there is very little time left to write the text, one can assume that every minute invested in researching the ghostwriting agencies pays off, because anyone who sticks to the logic of Google’s financial logic will get those companies who spend a lot of money on advertising – not the best, not the most serious ones, and certainly not the cheapest ones (because advertising wants to be paid and thus increases the final price for the customers).


No ghostwriting scientist who cares about himself and his service will be working at below $ 30 or even below page prices – adding agency fees and agency spending shows that serious ghostwriting can not be cheap. Conversely, authors who sell their texts so cheaply are pure prolific writers for whom quality plays no role. Often this means too many and too long verbatim quotes, poorly researched sections, text compiled from the Internet, incorrect translations, etc.


Customers who only have the cost factor in mind may pay twice – and the work stress comes with the uneasy feeling that they have received a defective service. Often enough, the customer only then realizes that they have little legal power against the fraudsters – whose parent companies often sit in non-European countries.

This means: It would be better to employ the professionals who have many years of experience and handle all orders individually, precisely and in a courteous way.