Libreoffice as a tool for scientific work

Often the student purse is smaller than expected. For expensive office software, often nothing is left. Fortunately, there is a powerful free alternative.

Today’s scientific work

While we have already reported on the history and scope of the program package LibreOffice, the scientific work with this software should be in the foreground here.

As a minimum requirement, a small to medium-sized scientific work requires the functions of text creation, text correction, formatting, as well as the ability to create quotes and footnotes and to place them in a bibliography. The LibreOffice Writer (the word processing package of the software) has all these possibilities, whereby structure and menu guidance are very similar to those of Word. Even more extensive formatting, the insertion of special characters, graphics, hyperlinks and tables, coped easily with LibreOffice.

For sophisticated requirements such as the evaluation of extensive data, which must be created when conducting interviews, for example, LibreOffice Calc is a powerful table manager that does not have to hide from Microsoft Excel. Thus, basic statistical functions can be used, there are extensive document templates ready and even the use of multiple editors including version management is possible.

Irritant topic compatibility

As far as the pure text components (text / footnotes / chapter structure) are concerned, the data exchange with Word is largely problem-free – even though Open Office uses other formatting, other fonts etc. by default.

Although newcomers coming from Word will find a largely familiar working environment, they will encounter considerable differences, especially with regard to the literature management; Thus, despite high general compatibility of discouraging a document on different devices alternately with Word and Writer to edit. Here data could be distorted or even lost.

But who does not fear the complete change and want to save some money, which is well served with LibreOffice – once you have incorporated yourself and get used to the comfortable functionality of the package, it makes the work much easier.