Student performance

Many a difficulty in the study turns out on closer inspection as a general problem with attention and the ability to structure the time meaningful.

Studying in the smartphone age

Today’s students usually have less social pressure but more life expectancy. While the importance of static knowledge has declined in many disciplines, it increasingly depends on the ability to recognize relationships, to name problems, and to reflect scientifically. The work ethos of previous generations is viewed critically, yet some students are under pressure and despair of claiming to be successful in all fields of life – not just studies – but also defining success itself. Issues such as love and partnership, recreational activities, entertainment needs sometimes draw the attention that the study requires.

Switch off?

The habits can not be easily changed and those who have not gotten used to a certain tenacity in the working process in the near future will find it difficult to work with attractive tasks. Concentration does not come by itself – especially when the topic is considered “boring” or the thoughts wander aimlessly.

The renunciation of the constantly available flood of information on the Internet and the most inconsequential “posts” of the “friends” in social networks is not only salutary, but also promotes the ability to turn to the study content intensively. Dealing with a topic becomes particularly fruitful if it is seen as a sporting challenge to achieve the best possible results: This brings history, economics and politics out of the stranger’s sphere and used for personal further education. The newly acquired knowledge inspires and ignites the desire for a deeper understanding. If this effect finally occurs, then no self-discipline is necessary at all, because the learning process runs automatically, accelerates with increasing knowledge, which always attracts new thirst for knowledge.