Using Article Marketing in Your Work at Home Business

Article marketing can be a huge help in your small work at home business should you decide to embrace it. I know there are those of you out there asking, “why should I use it when I only sell lipsticks and lotions or handcraft my goods”?

Here is my why. Article marketing is a powerful tool in driving traffic to your website. The more people you can get to your site, the better the chances of making a connection with folks which leads to making sales. You also have the opportunity to invite people to get on your mailing list which will enable you to direct information to them as well. Another opportunity to make a sale and a connection.

Making connections is huge in any online business, especially a small work at home business. We do not have the luxury of being a big box retailer. We have to forge our own way in the big, bad world of the web. Using articles that are written and directed at your niche will bring those people that are interested in you, in what you have to say and ultimately in your products, right to your front door by using a well written article and resource box.

When you are a small fish in a big company and even one of many in your home town, making a difference and using different methods can only bring you more. Remember each resource box out there is an incoming link to your site. The more there are that are quality, the better it is for your site and your rankings. This means more traffic for your site.

So embrace article marketing in your work at home and small business. There are hundreds of topics you can write about that you know. Start today and start seeing results sooner than you expect!

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