7 Business Opportunities For Aspiring Ghostwriters

Ghostwriting has been a long term profession traditionally used by authors of books. With the onset of the increasing use of the internet for business and especially with the increasing usage of article marketing over the past six years, ghostwriting has changed dramatically.

Ghostwriters, also known as freelance writers, are now finding that they are in high demand for much more than just writing books. The profession of writing has been steadily changing and now writers have so many different areas that they can become an expert in and earn a decent wage.

The demand for writers is ever increasing. Here are 7 different ways that you can use your writing skills as a business opportunity.

7 Business Opportunities For Aspiring Ghostwriters

7 Business Opportunities For Aspiring Ghostwriters

1) Article Marketing – highly in demand and an ever growing necessity. Any business owner that has an internet site needs content. The smaller the business, the more they many need to outsource and purchase ghostwritten products.

2) Press Releases – still an excellent way to announce business changes. Hiring a writer to write a great press release can drive a lot of traffic and being able to write a good release will make you good money.

3) Blog Posts – any and every internet business should have some type of blog to interact with their clients. Keeping fresh content is critical and being able to write good content can be great pay.

4) Ebooks – writing an expanded article called an ebook is a fabulous way to earn a living and the demand on certain topics is high. These ebooks are resold multiple times by the client.

5) Ad Copy – usually written by marketing specialists, but if you have experience in writing good copy, you can make great money writing it for others

6) Social Media – writing for social media outlets is becoming increasingly popular. It can be a bit controversial as customers want to know that they are interacting with the company, but it may be a decent addition to ones writing repertoire if you are an expert in social media and how it works.

7) Reports and Books – expanding your business into reports and books can be a great addition to your ghostwriting business. Most likely the best way to earn the most amount of money.

I am sure that there are many other ways that a writer can use their skills to earn a living. Each of these methods is a viable business opportunity on their own but combining the ones you are familiar with may carve out a great niche for you to market and grow your own ghostwriting business.

Finding Effective Topics to Use in Article Marketing

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for potential bloggers and article marketers can be what to write about that you think people will find interesting.

Article marketing can be an effective tool in your marketing efforts, if it is embraced properly. Yes, topics do matter to an extent. But what really matters is that the topic is related to your blog or where ever you are going to post it. Your niche area.

For instance, if your blog is related to food, then what most people would like to see and expect on a food blog is articles about food or things associated with food. Finding topics related to that is not as hard as you think.

Finding Effective Topics to Use in Article Marketing

What many writers do is look at their surroundings and gather topics from what surrounds them. If you are online a lot then you can write about what people are talking about having to do with your particular niche.

If you know a lot about your niche, then you can start using topics with that area, specifically if you can solve a problem or help with issues that pop up. Look and see what types of questions people are asking for help with while on forums or sites you frequent. You can find topics with in the questions.

Start with a list of items you want to cover and move forward. Usually as you are writing, you will find that other topics will appear to you as well. As you become more comfortable with writing your articles, you will also become more comfortable in finding topics that you feel comfortable writing about.

Direct Sales – How A Ghostwriter Can Help With Your Marketing Campaign

Direct Sales – How A Ghostwriter Can Help With Your Marketing Campaign

If you have a home business with one of the direct sales companies, it is very important to have an online business presence. One of the ways you can market your business online is to hire an affordable ghostwriter. Here is what an experienced ghostwriter can do for you.

1. write professionally written newsletters that you can email out to all of your party hosts, customers, downline team, etc. This will free up your time to work on other aspects of your Direct Sales Business.

2. write professionally written blog posts for you and post them to your blog. He/She can write them directed towards your niche, keyword load them and properly do the keyword linking so that your blog posts rank high in search engine results.

3. write expertly written articles for you that pertain to your niche. You will submit these articles with your own resource author’s box on them to various online article directories, web sites, other blogs, etc. Article marketing is a great way to drive traffic to your business web site.

4. write business advertisements for you to use in your email marketing campaign, classified ads, etc.

5. write expertly written web site content for you to post to your business web site on just about any topic that you would need.

As you can see an experienced ghostwriter can do a lot to help you market your business online. He/She can write newsletter content, blog content, web site content, articles and ad copy to help free up your time for other business tasks.

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