Etsy Shop Owners

As an Etsy shop owner you’re really great at crafting your product. But with all of the work that you do with the creation, imaging, and shipping of your product sometimes marketing can go by the wayside. Improving your sales page for your items can help with the search function and the sale completion. That’s where a freelancer writer can help you with SEO rich product descriptions.

Etsy Shop Owners Need SEO Help Too!

Etsy Shop Owners Need SEO Help TOO!

Having great product descriptions that are highly searchable is necessary to help you compete in the Etsy marketplace. It’s a well-known fact that SEO rich descriptions of between 200 and 300 words can help improve your traffic. Independent sellers on Etsy understand that building a prosperous business by selling product must include descriptions of the benefits of that item in order to improve the sales conversion.

A freelance writer is a perfect solution. Armed with the knowledge of SEO and the written word, your product descriptions can be crafted to help improve your pages.

With years of experience in writing detailed product descriptions, we can assist you with improving your pages. Send us an email to get started on this task for your Etsy store. With quick turnaround and affordable prices, we can assist your business immediately.