Amazon Store Owners

It’s no secret that Amazon is a massive business. The way they have built their business over the last 15 years has allowed independent manufacturers and entrepreneurs to build their own prosperous business by selling and reselling product. But just like marketing any other type of business, you need product descriptions that are SEO rich to help drive the searchability of that product.

Amazon Resellers and Store Owners Need SEO Too!

Amazon Resellers and Store Owners Need SEO Too!

Using a freelance writer to assist your Amazon business with SEO rich product descriptions is a smart idea. The best descriptions that have proven to increase traffic and improve sales are between 200 and 300 words. These enriched product descriptions will help you sell the benefits of your product and allow you the unique ability to market your product to millions of potential shoppers by improving the search results and page landings.

Building your business through selling and reselling on Amazon is greatly improved with the proper descriptions. A freelance writer that knows how to craft your descriptions will pay for itself with improved sales.

Ask us how we can assist your Amazon business by improving your page listings. Always affordable with quick turnaround. We look forward to hearing from you.