Our Services

Ghostwriting has become a viable and affordable option for many marketers on the Internet these days. With the transition of sales and business from brick and mortar only to those companies now needing a presence on the net, many businesses are struggling to create the perfect blend needed to capture and convert customers. The days of “build it and they will come” are long over.

Article marketing and blogging has been known to drive traffic to websites for many years and now with the onset of social media thrown in the mix, fresh content is critical. But what to do when you are out of ideas? That’s when a ghostwriter steps in.

A ghostwriter can create a multitude of different products for your personal use on your blog or website, even on your social media sites. Look at this list of options that we can help you with.

* Articles – usually 500-700+ words on a particular topic
* Blog Posts – usually 300-450+ words
* Web Pages – About Us, FAQ’s, Product Pages, etc
* Product Descriptions
* SEO Content Description for Search Engines
* Brand Ambassador and Social Media Manager
* Business Advertising with Guest Posts, Sponsored Posts and Sponsored Tweets
* Blogger Outreach Management for Brand Promotions, Reviews, Giveaways
* Newsletter Content

And there are more options as well! If you are thinking about using a ghostwriter to help you create perfect content for your site or blog, ask what we can do for you. If there is something specific you are needing, please ask!

For Questions, Email classystaff at yahoo.com