How to Customize a PLR Article

There are so many different uses for PLR (Private Label Rights) articles in business. They have grown tremendously in popularity over the past few years. Whether you are using the PLR as the basis of an article or blog post, customizing them is very important.

The basis of marketing a PLR package is that it can be sold many times over. PLR is usually sold in packs of between 5 and 10 articles based on one theme or topic. Because the same article can be found out on the web in 50 to 100 different places, it can lose its effectiveness and even be labeled as spam by some websites.

To prevent this from happening to you, you will need to rewrite the article, in your own style and wording. Here are a couple of different options for you.

How to Customize a PLR Article

How to Customize a PLR Article

1) Re-write the article completely. While this may defeat the purpose of buying a PLR pack, it does give you the basis of a good, solid article. It also gives you the ability of putting the article into your own words and have it flow with your style.

2) Partially re-write the article using the main keyword. Article must be keyword rich so that the search engines will find your article and rank it highly.

3) Change the title. Always make a point to do as well along with the re-writes. You want to make it unique to you and your name.

4) Hire a ghostwriter to help you. If all of the above sound like more than you can handle, a professional ghostwriter can help you by writing a professionally written article that is tailored towards your niche and is keyword rich.

After you are satisfied with your article, there are plenty of places on line that you can have it posted. Article websites have hundreds of topics that help you categorize your article so it can be found by those searching for content to use on their website.

Make sure to read the official rules so that you know whether PLR articles are accepted at that particular site, as some sites only take original work. If you rewrite the article completely, then it will be acceptable to publish on those sites. And don’t forget to use it for your own blog content as well.

Customized PLR articles can be very valuable for busy business owners. They take less time to rewrite at times when writing an article from the beginning may not be an option time wise. Having content that pertains to your niche will help in establishing you as an expert as well as bring important traffic to your site.

If you have PLR content that you have sitting in your files to do, contact us for help! Let’s get those pieces working hard for your business today.