How Can A Ghostwriter Help A Direct Sales Jewelry Blogger?

If you are in Direct Sales and trying to build your jewelry business online, it is important to set up a blog. It helps to brand yourself and drive traffic to your site, which you can re-direct to a company one, if you choose. You can even start your own valuable email list using your own personal site.

If you don’t already have a blog, you can set up a free one on or Or for a more professional one, use and purchase a url and hosting.

Once your site is set up it is important to post valuable and informative content to your blog on a consistent basis. We recommend new posts at least twice a week.

The majority of consultants trying to build a jewelry business online don’t know what kind of information to publish to their site nor do most consultants have the time to publish new content consistently. This is where a ghostwriter can help you!

How Can A Ghostwriter Help A Direct Sales Jewelry Blogger?

How Can A Ghostwriter Help A Direct Sales Jewelry Blogger?

A ghostwriter will write informative blog posts for you and these posts can include the following:

* Booking Specials For The Month
* Product Specials For The Month
* Detailed Information About Your Company’s Home Business Opportunity
* Tips On How To Properly Clean Your Jewelry
* Tips On How To Organize Your Jewelry and How To Properly Store It
* How To Wear The Specific Items Your Customer’s Purchase
* Hot Jewelry Trends For The Season
* Hot Jewelry Gifts For Upcoming Gift-Giving Needs
* How To Gift Wrap & Present The Items They Purchase For Gifts
* Information On Your Various Social Media Sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram)
* Format Posts Around Personal Videos You Produce About Your Products
* Write Informative Articles About Your Niche For You To Use With An Article Marketing Campaign

There are many writing tasks a professional ghostwriter can do to help you promote your jewelry business online in regards to writing content for your blog. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!