Tips To Gain Engagement on Social Media Channels

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If there is one thing we know today, social media is not going away any time soon. For most small business owners that can be either a blessing or a curse, depending on how you look at it. Social Media should be a strong part of every marketing plan and it is really something that you cannot be without for your business growth today. Using your social media channels well is important to your connection with your customers, present and future. This image is a great depiction of some of the things that go into a good social media plan.

Many of our clients ask for tips on gaining good engagement so we thought sharing some top tips would be helpful to you too.

Tips To Gain Engagement on Social Media Channels

* Focus on the sites that you feel the most comfortable with first. You do not have to join every site right away. Choose the ones you may have a presence on personally and start your business page.

* Images are critical to great engagement. Choose images that match your content and use those to post to your social media sites.

* Mix up your posts. Do not just post the same type of article or quote daily. Mix up your method and the style to create interest on your page.

* Ask questions and converse with people.

* Run fun, quick giveaways for gain new followers and engagement.

* Share other content and images. Don’t post just your stuff day after day. Social media is all about sharing.

* Share don’t sell. No one wants to see self promoting posts time and time again. Change your focus and engagement will increase.

* Engagement does not happen immediately but if you stay with it, your followers will begin to get to know you, your business and being to engage and share.

These tips will help increase your engagement level and followers. Keep it real and fun. Heck, you may even start liking it!

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How A Ghostwriter Can Help With Your Social Media Marketing

How A Ghostwriter Can Help With Your Social Media Marketing

How A Ghostwriter Can Help With Your Social Media Marketing

When people think about hiring a ghostwriter, they often think about hiring them to write their business newsletter, web site content, business articles (used for content marketing) and for writing blog content. However, a good professional ghostwriter can also help you with your Social Media Marketing by regularly posting for you on Facebook and Twitter, or other social accounts.

Social media marketing and networking is the HOT new way to reach new prospective online clients and customers, and it’s a great way for you to interact with the clients and customers that you already have.

In our professional opinion, every business (large and small) should have a presence on Facebook and other social channels and that presence should be done on a consistent basis. We can not tell you how many times we see companies on both of these social media outlets and they hardly update their pages or interact with those who are following them.

How A Ghostwriter Can Help With Your Social Media Marketing

By hiring a professional ghostwriter to manage your accounts and post for you on Facebook and Twitter, you can spend your working time doing more important tasks, like running your business.

A good ghostwriter will work with you to determine how often they should be posting for you and what type of content they should be posting on your behalf. They can manage and interact with your followers on Facebook/Twitter on a daily basis or several times a week. Furthermore, those who are following you on those accounts will never know that you have hired them or outsourced this type of work to them.

If you are looking for a professional ghostwriter to manage your Facebook and Twitter accounts and help with your social media marketing, please contact us to discuss what we can do for you!

What is a Brand Ambassador and How Can a Ghostwriter Help?

What is a Brand Ambassador and How Can a Ghostwriter Help

What Is A Brand Ambassador?

A Brand Ambassador is a person who will represent your company, your brand and your products, by networking for you on various online social media sites. A Brand Ambassador can write various posts for your company that pertain directly towards your niche. Hiring a professional to represent you and your company is a huge time saver for you so that you can work on the more important tasks of your business.

What is a Brand Ambassador and How Can a Ghostwriter Help

How A Ghostwriter Can Help?

By hiring a ghostwriter to be your Brand Ambassador, we can write your blog posts and schedule them to post up onto your blog at the time you want them to be published. A ghostwriter can write and publish posts on your Facebook page plus write and publish Tweets for you on Twitter or any other social media site you use.

A ghostwriter essentially can become your Brand Ambassador to represent you on the social networking sites that you want to have a business presence on. We will publish informative content and interact with your social media followers so that you are making a valuable connection with them. Companies large and small are turning to ghostwriters to do their social media networking for them.

If you need a brand ambassador for your business, contact us today for a quote.