Twitter Marketing Tips for Small Business

Twitter Marketing Tips for Small Business |
Twitter is a wonderful resource for small businesses. It is a perfect way to connect with like minded people and even your customers or clients. It is a wonderful tool for sharing posts, tips, information, even customer service connections, which is critical for small business success.

Have you been thinking about using Twitter but not sure how to use it properly? Here are some tips to help you be successful with your marketing!

Twitter Marketing Tips for Small Business

  •  Complete your profile and use a professional looking avatar (image) on your business page. If your representing a company, use a business image. If your representing yourself, use a professional headshot for your avatar.
  •  Offer real value to those who follow you on Twitter. This means that you need to regularly converse with people, offer tips, answer questions, RT (re-tweet) other tweets of value and so forth. No one wants to follow a spam account, so offer valuable content and information.
  •  Strive to make at least 60% of your tweets non-promotional that contain no links and 40% of your tweets business promotions w/links.
  •  Do not set up your account to send out automatic direct messages to new people who follow you. This includes messages welcoming them, giving them links to your website, invites to join you on Facebook and so forth. It’s considered business spam when you send out this information via direct message when it wasn’t requested from you. If you want to DM someone, make it personal.
  • Make sure you answer direct messages within a reasonable amount of time. If you are unsure of the answer, at least acknowledge that you received it and that you will follow-up.
  •  Draw attention to your Tweets by including images along with your content. Not every Tweet needs to have an image connected to it, but for your important content messages, use an image to garner that attention.
  • Avoid discussing “hot button” topics on your business account! That means you shouldn’t be discussing politics, hotly contested new’s stories, legal cases, religion, etc. unless those type’s of topics have something to do with your business directly.
  • Balance out your followers/following lists appropriately! Way too many companies are only following a handful of people, while they have 23,000+ followers themselves. This gives people the impression that you’re only interested in “followers” and not interested in being a valuable member of the Twitter community.
  •  Be consistent with your social media outreach and marketing campaign! This means that you have to put time, effort and hard work into building a successful social media account.

These Twitter marketing tips will help your business grow on this popular social platform. Also, don’t forget to include links on your website and invite your customers and clients to follow you!

If you do not have the time to grow your account or need assistance doing so, contact us for rates and what we can do to help your business and brand grow.


How a Freelance Writer Can Help a Professional Blogger

How a Freelance Writer Can Help a Professional Blogger

As a professional blogger, I am sure you understand the dedication and time it takes to build and develop your site. Countless hours can cause burn out and loss of focus sometimes. Finding and curating new ideas can become a brain drain, if you let it. Maybe you need a kick start for better blog content.

Thankfully, there are freelance writers that can help you with your professional blog. Perhaps you are going on vacation, taking sick-time or maternity leave, looking for holiday coverage, or you have a family emergency, using freelance writers to help you with your blog and website can give you peace of mind plus a new sense of direction.

Take a look at how a freelance writer can help a professional blogger with your site.

– Answer Email
– Write and Schedule New Blog Posts for Fresh Content
– Approve and Respond to New Blog Comments
– Help with Social Media (Twitter and Facebook)
– Offer Professional Evaluation of Your Blog w/Recommendations for Changes
– Write Professional “Static” Pages for Your Blog (About Me, Contact Me, etc)
– Ghostwrite Articles to Swap with Other Blogs (Guest Post Marketing)
– Clean-up and Revise Old Blog Posts
– Write Professional Press Releases
– Write Weekly or Monthly Features/Content for the Blog
– Provide You with 30 Fresh Blog Topic Ideas (You Write the Content)
– Do Research and Produce Outlines on Topics (You Write Content from Outline)
(not sure what else)

These are just a few ideas that you can use! Sound like something you need for your blog?

You can opt to pay by each individual service or bundle several services together to save on money. You can use a freelance writer as often or as little as you need them.

Contact us today for a complete estimate or price list of services that we offer.

Is Your Non-Profit Marketing Working For You

Is Your Non-Profit Marketing Working For You
image by Stuart Miles freedigitalphotos

The face of non-profits has been changing for the past few years. Adding new members is a critical step in keeping a non-profit alive and functioning well but many non-profit organizations are finding it difficult to reach the young adults and get them interested in participating. The question then comes to mind:

Is Your Non-Profit Marketing Working For You?

Knowing where to find those younger adults that want to get involved and give back to the community is a matter of taking your business to them. Today, millennials are internet savvy and spend most of their time online in one fashion or another. In order for your non-profit to gain their attention, you have to take your message to them through the routes that they follow.

Here are some things your non-profit should be doing with their marketing efforts today

  1.  Develop Your Website – If your non-profit does not have a website or it is out of date, make sure to freshen the site and target younger adults with your message.
  2. Blogging and Adding Content – Content marketing is a huge portion of many large corporations today. Why? Because it works. Adding a blog function to your website will allow you to write articles that can be used online and for sharing on social platforms.
  3. Social Media – If your non product does not have a social media presence, you are missing the easiest way to target and reach those you want to attract. Engagement and conversation on social media is growing every day and is a critical step to growing your presence online.
  4. Marketing Budget – While many non-profits are tight on funds, you have to allot some sort of marketing budget to be able to spend the time marketing the content written on your website and engaging people on social media.
  5. Email Marketing – Does your non-profit have an email list? This list is golden in that it contains the names of those people that have been interested in what your business has done in the past. Strive to send an email at least once a month to keep that interest building. Encourage sign ups on a regular basis through your website, local functions, and social marketing too.

How well is your non-profit marketing their business today? Are you struggling to reach the younger generations? Talk to us about helping your non profit gain followers and add content to your website, email list, and blog. Discounts may be available as well.

Got questions for your specific needs and outreach plan? Ask us!