Does a Direct Sales Consultant Need a Personal Website and Blog

I know a lot of people in direct sales and have been involved in it off and on for 15 years or more. One thing I learned in those years is that you have to set yourself apart from everyone else in the marketplace.

Being a part of a direct sales or a multilevel network marketing company is a great way to build a business. However, if you do not separate your identity from your company, you become just another rep.

There are many ways to develop your brand. Some people use social media. Some people use one on one marketing. Some people use parties. But, one of the most important ways you can build your brand is by creating your own separate website.

Does a Direct Sales Consultant Need a Personal Website and Blog

Why Does a Direct Sales Consultant Need a Personal Website and Blog

By creating your own website you are building your brand as yourself, not as your company. For instance if you are known for selling candles, but you leave that candle company, you may have no way of connecting with those customers that were on your list.

However, if you are branding yourself as a direct marketer, then you are reaching people through your personal website and then directing them for purchase or the sign up through your company site.

What are the Benefits of a Personal Website?

This gives you the opportunity to create your own email list that does not belong to your company. It gives you the ability to post tips and articles on a blog. It gives you the ability to send newsletters and updates.

Some direct sales people and leaders use a separate website for training their downline. Having your own site and/or blog is a great tool for that. You can post all of your tips and articles directly for leadership and recruiting and sales improvement. What a great resource!

There are so many ways that you can utilize a separate website from your company site.

* You are able to track engagement on your site and use it more of a tool then you could ever do with your company site.
* You can focus keywords to help with recruitment and sales.
* You can use it for training
* You can use it for recruiting
* You can share tips and more….

That’s not to say that the company site is not good. But having your own personal site gives you the opportunity to always have a landing area to gather customer information, collect email addresses, and just engage with them, regardless of what company you sell for.

If you need help setting up your site and adding articles, blog posts, newsletter content, etc. for your direct sales or network marketing company, drop us a line. We both have extensive knowledge in direct sales and can help you develop your content.

How to Use PLR Articles in Your Small Business

How to Use PLR Articles in Your Small Business

When you’re running a business, it is so easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of tasks you have to do on a daily basis. Especially when running an Internet business, adding more blog posts and social media posts, plus interacting with your customers can take a big chunk out of your day. That is why PLR licensed articles are such a great value for a small business.

How to Use PLR Articles in Your Small Business

How to Use PLR Articles in Your Small Business

Before we know how to use PLR articles, we have to understand what is PLR is used for. PLR stands for “private label rights” and what this means is you can purchase articles that are produced one time but sold many times over, tailored to your business theme. You can find articles on a huge range of topics such as business, fitness, health, food, beauty, and more. You can even find articles for micro niches.

The beauty of using a PLR article is that it gives you the basic content of a quality article that can be used on a blog, customized by you, for your audience.

But again, with those busy days where the hours just flyby, sometimes customizing your PLR article becomes one more task on your plate. Many times they end up in a folder waiting for customization and publication. That’s where a freelance writer comes in to support your business.

A freelance writer can take your PLR articles and customize them to your needs and wants for your blog and business readership. Using blog articles is a perfect way to keep your site fresh and also give your customers and readers tips and information they are looking for quickly. Plus, the search engines appreciate and look for business websites that produce quality content on a regular basis.

If your business is in need of unique, quality content or you have some PLR that you need rewritten and customized, send us an email and let’s chat. Our business is to help your business succeed.

Why Every Small Business Needs a Blog

Why Every Small Business Needs a Blog

There is a huge movement in online business today. With millions of small business owners online, developing their websites to improve traffic is a critical portion of success today. Keeping fresh content and continual updates on your site is a necessary portion of online business.

While most of the small businesses are in fact one person business sites, it’s easy to see how getting lost in the masses is occurring more often than not. Setting yourself apart and being able to compete with the next guy is important. That’s why utilizing a blog within your business site is a great idea.

Why Every Small Business Needs a Blog

Why Every Small Business Needs a Blog

It’s no secret that the search engines look for changes and new content when they crawl a website. The search engine’s job is to give you the most relevant answer when you are keying in an organic search. If your site does not come up from the search query and there’s nothing fresh and new being added to your site on a regular basis, that will show in a decline in traffic. A great answer to keeping things fresh and relevant to the search queries relating to your business is to add a blog.

Fresh content on a regular basis through a blog feeds the search engines information that they’re looking for and that your potential new customers are looking for. If you’re creating content that answers the questions that is being added into the search box, also known as key phrases and keywords, then you’re increasing your chances of being found in the search results. This will add opportunity for more traffic to your site and more click-through’s.

Regardless if you are a one person business owner with a unique custom product or if you are a direct sales person with a large company, you need a business blog to help develop the traffic and encourage the search engines to list you more often in search results.

Custom content may not be your strong point or you may not have enough time to create it on a regular basis. That’s where a freelance writer can help you.

If you’re looking for custom content for your business, drop us a line and see how increasing the content on your site also correlates to increasing traffic. We will show you why we believe every small business needs a blog!