Online Article Marketing Can Drive Traffic To Your Site

When you write online articles and use them in an article marketing campaign, you benefit in many ways. Let’s take a look at a few of those benefits.

1. You build quality back links to your web site which helps with search engine ranking.

2. You drive quality traffic to your web site and/or blogs. This targeted traffic is obtained by readers clicking on your links in your Author’s Resource Box.

3. Writing articles give the impression that you are a leader in your niche. It helps build credibility to your personal and business name and readers will look to you as a professional.

4. You will generate your own business leads. When people read your articles and click through to your web site, you are exposing them to the products you sell and the home business opportunity that you represent.

When it comes to writing your first article, here are a few important tips.

1. If possible, be personable in your articles. Try to make a personal connection with your readers when you write.

2. Your articles should contain a minimum of 250 words. Use proper keywords in your articles to help readers find the information that they are looking for. Your keyword should be in your title and in the body of your article three times. Anything over three times is considered keyword spamming.

3. Leave the sales pitch out of the body of your article. If you are pitching a product and/or business service, leave your sales pitch blurb for your Author’s Resource Box. You can’t use links in the body of your article. In addition, most article directories will not allow affiliate links in the Author’s Resource Box. If you have a blog, use that link instead of a link to your consultant web site.

4. Always spell check your article for misspelled words or grammar mistakes before submitting it to a directory. I find it very helpful to have a fellow writer proof my articles before I submit them.

Once you have your article completed, you can publish your article on blogs, niche related forum boards or in article directories. If you are publishing your article in a directory, your article will then be used by web site owners to be published on their web sites, in newsletters, ezines or on blogs.

If you are new to article writing and/or article marketing, there are several groups online that you can join. Writers within these groups can help you with your article writing and teach you proper article marketing skills. One of my favorite groups for new and experienced writers is You can join their online community for free, as well as submit your articles to their online directory.

In closing, article marketing can benefit your business by building quality back links to your web site, improve your search engine ranking, generate your own leads and more importantly…give the impression to others that you are a leader in your niche.

Shelly Hill, copyright 2010, all rights reserved. Please do not reprint this article without Shelly’s permission. Thanks!