About Us

My name is Chris Carroll. I am a work at home mom from California and I have been writing since college. I first started out by writing essays, reports and short stories for fun.

As my work at home business developed over the past ten years, I have been writing home business related articles, web pages, newsletters, blog posts, website content, product descriptions, seo descriptive content, reviews, and more. To date, I have written over 500 personal articles and 1500+ ghostwritten articles and posts completed for clients. This does not reflect the hundreds of reviews I have written as well!

The more I can focus on writing, the more I enjoy writing and expanding my knowledge and topic base. Writing for others has become the fulfillment of a dream and I offer you a high quality, detailed product that you will be proud to use.

My name is Shelly Hill and I am a 43 year old work at home mom, wife and grandmother living in Pennsylvania. I have been successfully working from home since 1989 and I have a passion for writing.

I have been writing for over 25+ years for other people and business professionals and consider myself to be a part time professional ghostwriter. I have written and published over 450 articles online under my own name and over 350+ articles, web site content, blog content, newsletter content and business advertisements for my clients under my ghostwriter contract.

I take great pride in my writing and research out the topics I write about so that I can provide factual information in the content that I write. You will always get professional written articles from me that are properly spelled and grammatically correct. I enjoy writing for others and hope that I can be of service to you (our client).